Priceline ITAD Solution Case Study

ITAD Made Simple

Step 4

Recycling & Sustainability

SMK+ ITAD Solution increases marketability and sustainability, stimulating economic and environmental benefits.

If remarketing is not an option or security protocols require destruction, our ISO-certified information destruction and recycling services provide environmentally compliant and fully documented asset disposal.

SMK+ Pioneering Sustainable ITAD

We propel the circular economy via our avant-garde methodology.

This revolutionary procedure guarantees traceability and monitoring, establishing a self-sufficient system.

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Prioritizing Repurposing for a Greener Tomorrow

At SMK+, we advocate recycling as a primary sustainable practice for ITAD.

By stretching product longevity, we curtail waste and preserve precious resources. When products outlive their utility, we ensure their materials are reallocated for new production.

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Optimizing Repurposing Potential with the Repurposing Hierarchy

Our dedication to sustainability is conspicuous through our adherence to the Repurposing Hierarchy.

We work to maximize the repurposing potential of IT assets and components.

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Certifications for Confidence and Accountability

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Augmenting Sustainability

SMK+ augments sustainability by offering:

  • Transparency: Unobscured insight into the recycling process.

  • Enhanced Data Tracking: Thorough tracking and reporting of materials.

  • Data from Raw Material Sources: Direct data on raw materials from smelters and refiners.

  • Verified Supply Chain Traceability: Validating the traceability of materials in the supply chain.

  • Direct Business-to-BusCarbon Insetting + Offsetting: Contributing to carbon neutrality endeavors.iness (B2B) Channels

  • Simplified Downstream Process: Streamlining the process, eliminating redundant downstream companies for improved data and tracking.

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Uplifting Sustainability with In-depth Reporting

Explore how SMK+ raises the standard for recycling process transparency with comprehensive reporting on material reallocation.
Reach out to us today to start your sustainability journey with SMK+.
We enable organizations to adopt the circular economy while prioritizing responsible IT asset disposition and sustainability.