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What is ITAD?

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In today's fast-paced technological landscape, businesses and individuals frequently upgrade their IT equipment to stay competitive. However, this constant advancement often leaves a trail of outdated or unused devices, such as computers, servers, laptops, and smartphones. Many of these devices end up in landfills, causing significant environmental harm.

This is where SMK+'s ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) solutions come in. ITAD involves the secure and environmentally responsible management and disposal of IT equipment. This process ensures that sensitive data on old devices is thoroughly wiped or destroyed, preventing potential data breaches. It also includes recycling, reselling still-usable equipment, and proper disposal of e-waste.

E-waste is a growing global issue, contributing significantly to environmental pollution and resource depletion. Our ITAD services address this problem by promoting eco-friendly recycling methods and reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

By choosing SMK+ for your ITAD needs, you are not only safeguarding your data but also contributing to environmental preservation and regulatory compliance. Let's work together to manage your IT assets responsibly and sustainably.

ITAD Circular Economy

ITAD Circular Economy Infographic

Our ITAD process is a part of a sustainable circular economy, consisting of several key steps: collecting your old equipment, assessing its condition, researching its marketability, securely wiping data, and refurbishing or recycling devices as needed.

For a deeper dive into how this works, check out our comprehensive guide, "ITAD Made Simple":

ITAD Services at SMK+

Coordinate Labor, Transportation and Logistics For IT Asset Disposal

Our first layer of security is our fully trained onsite labor, educated on how to handle and package sensitive information with care. This layer is complemented by our expert off-site team, who are well-versed in data security laws and policies. They ensure your assets retain their remarketing value and provide guidance to the onsite team throughout the packaging and transportation process.

Uncable, Unrack and Palletize IT Hardware

Our technical team is thoroughly trained and educated in handling IT assets. They will carefully remove your equipment and prepare it for secure shipment to the SMK+ processing center.

Research Asset Marketability of IT Assets

We have a dedicated team focused on maximizing the return on your disposable IT assets. By conducting thorough marketability assessments, our experts evaluate the full unit's market value compared to its component value. This approach ensures you receive the highest possible ROI for your assets.

Refurbish or Recycle

Through our marketability assessment, we help you decide between refurbishing and recycling. If refurbishing poses a risk to your data security or violates ISO-certified information standards, we offer the best recycling options to ensure environmental compliance and fully documented asset disposal.

Wipe HDD & SDD data.

SMK+ offers a range of data wiping options, along with expert consultancy to help you choose the best plan for your business. We ensure top-tier data security with algorithms offering 1 to 35 passes, meeting Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. This guarantees complete data removal from your drives.

Maintain Traceability

SMK+ will provide you with Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Data Erasure, ensuring you can verify that data has been properly wiped and shredded drives are completely destroyed.

Why Choose SMK+ for ITAD Services?

When selecting an ITAD provider, businesses face several risks. Here’s how SMK+ mitigate those risks:

SMK+ Secured Facilities for Data Protection

In today’s interconnected IT environment, data breaches and environmental concerns are prevalent. Adopting a robust ITAD plan is crucial. Neglecting responsible IT asset disposal puts your organization at risk for data security breaches and environmental harm.

SMK+ has created safe and secure facilities to protect your data with:

  • Monitored alarms

  • 24/7 surveillance cameras

  • Strict, controlled access

  • Certified, trained professionals

Focused training

Entrusting your data to inadequately trained personnel poses a significant security risk. A team lacking formal training is ill-equipped to handle sensitive information, potentially leading to data loss and exposing your business to legal liabilities.

Technician screening and Verified processes

Data security breaches can result in severe consequences, from financial losses to damage to your company’s reputation. It is critical that your IT assets are handled by trustworthy individuals.

SMK+ technicians are carefully screened, undergoing background checks and drug tests.

Our processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018, ensuring quality and continuous improvement in our operations, product handling, and service offerings.

ITAD Sustainability

Environmental Responsible recycling

Failing to properly dispose of your sensitive information not only risks data breaches but also poses environmental hazards.

Electronic waste (e-waste) contains hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium found in IT equipment, which threaten our environment. Improper disposal contributes to pollution and harms ecosystems.

Our ITAD solutions ensure:

- Thorough data erasure and destruction
- Eco-friendly recycling methods
- Proper disposal of IT assets

By choosing SMK+, you help ensure a cleaner, healthier future while protecting your data and staying compliant with regulations.


What is ITAD

ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) is a service that manages the disposal, refurbishment, recycling, and destruction of electronic devices and electronic data in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

What are the benefits of ITAD services from SMK+?

SMK+'s ITAD solutions offer numerous benefits, including:

- Data Protection: Ensuring all sensitive information is securely erased.
- Traceability: Full tracking and documentation of each asset's journey.
- Verified Technical Screening: Rigorous evaluation to ensure data security and asset integrity.
- Environmentally Responsible Recycling: Eco-friendly methods to minimize environmental impact.
- Maximized ROI: Optimizing the resale value of your IT assets.
- Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to industry standards and laws.

What is the installation process?

Our installation services are flexible and customizable to fit your needs. We arrange secure shipping to multiple locations using the carrier of your choice or SMK+ recommended services. Upon delivery, we handle unloading and unpacking with extreme care.