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Sustainability in IT

Sustainability is no longer just an IT buzzword–it is the environmentally-conscious principles businesses must adopt to make a lasting, positive impact on people, the planet and business performance.

People, Planet, Business Solutions

At SMK+, we go beyond the conventional approach to environmental consciousness by continually challenging ourselves to integrate and uphold sustainability principles in every facet of our operations. From our internal team’s day-to-day activities to our interactions with customers and pivotal future business decisions, we are committed to contributing to the advancement of circular economies as part of the larger sustainable corporate landscape.

The Core of SMK+: People and Communities

At SMK+, our global workforce is fundamental to achieving our organizational objectives in tandem with realizing the aspirations of our clients. Our core values are deeply embedded in our operations, shaping every aspect of our interactions with employees. From the initial recruitment process to ongoing career development and employee recognition, our commitment to these values is unwavering. Our diverse team, proficient in various technology sectors, forms the bedrock of our sustainability strategy.

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Planet-focused, Sustainable Operations

At SMK+, our commitment to sustainable practices is ingrained in every facet of our operations.

We intentionally adopt a responsible strategy that not only underscores our dedication to sustainability but actively works to minimize both our direct and indirect ecological impacts. Integral components of our sustainable strategy include:

Circular Economy Integration

We actively contribute to building a circular economy through the responsible disposal and recycling of IT assets, ensuring that our operations align with the principles of sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.

Transparency and Accountability

In our pursuit of sustainable operations, transparency and accountability are paramount. We keep our stakeholders informed about our environmental initiatives, progress, and challenges. Committing to transparency ensures that our sustainability efforts are not just words but concrete actions that make a positive impact on the planet.


2021: 33,142 lbs of e-waste recycled

2022: 43,020 lbs of e-waste recycled

2023: 115,757 lbs of e-waste recycled




2021: 53,040 lbs of lowered CO2 emissions

2022: 68,832 lbs of lowered CO2 emissions

2023: 185,200 lbs of lowered CO2 emissions




2021: 1,992 trees saved

2022: 2,647 trees saved

2023: 6,615 trees saved



SMK+ Goal for a Net-Zero Future

At the heart of SMK+ lies an unwavering commitment to shaping a net-zero carbon future alongside fellow environmentally conscious contemporaries in the IT industry.

Our aspirations for a net-zero future translate to zero landfill, zero waste exported, zero incineration, and the attainment of 100% sustainability across every facet of our operations.

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Sustainable Solutions: Meet Customer’s ESG Goals

At SMK+, we lead the charge in advancing circular economy goals, leveraging technology intentionally to align with our customers' Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) corporate objectives. Our proactive approach combines extensive expertise and robust partnerships with leading technology providers, ensuring that our solutions not only meet customer needs but also actively promote circular economy principles within our industry.

Expertise in Technology Sourcing

Our extensive experience in IT sourcing, coupled with global-scale vendor relationships, enable us to guide customers through the process of sourcing the IT assets best suited for their IT infrastructure and objectives.

Support for Circular Economy Agenda

Our approach to helping our customers achieve their circular economy objectives involves strategic and transparent technology sourcing, creating a synergy between their goals and our commitment to promoting circular economy principles within the industry.

Collaboration for Transparency

Through close collaboration with vendors, we actively build transparency in our technology sourcing portfolio. This collaborative effort provides our customers with the necessary information for informed decision-making, aligning their choices with sustainability goals.

Focus on Lifecycle Value

Our emphasis on sustainable sourcing decisions is rooted in understanding the value of technology throughout the entirety of its lifecycle. This comprehensive approach ensures that our solutions contribute positively to environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of the legacy IT assets we retire, as well as any new ones we source.

Comprehensive Circular Services

Our circular services provide a comprehensive suite of circular capabilities–from resourcing and revaluing to redeploying and recycling. These services cover the entire spectrum of sustainable business, allowing our customers to embrace circular economy practices with confidence and effectiveness.

Guidance on Maximizing Value

Our commitment to providing objective and honest advice goes hand in hand with our mission to help clients extract maximum value from their IT solutions. We actively encourage and incorporate responsible lifecycle management into their IT strategies to ensure a long-lasting and positive impact on their ESG goals.