Priceline ITAD Solution Case Study

ITAD Made Simple

Step 3

Refurbishing & Remarketing

Welcome to Step 3 of the SMK+ ITAD cycle.

Our Value Recovery and Remarketing mirrors our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We ascertain the complete optimization of your IT asset collection for proficiency and robustness.

SMK+ ITAD Value Recovery: How it Works

Value Recovery

Value Recovery and Remarketing are the superhero duo of the IT Asset Disposition world. Imagine you have IT assets like old computers or servers. You might think they're just old and taking up space. However, these assets often still have value hidden within them. We assess, refurbish, and find new homes for these assets, turning them into cash for your business.


Think of Remarketing as giving your IT assets a second life. Once we've discovered their hidden value, we make them shine like new. Then, we find buyers eager to get their hands on these refurbished devices. This helps you recover value and extends the life of these assets, reducing waste and environmental impact.

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Benefits of SMK+ ITAD Value Recovery and Remarketing

Value Recovery transforms your outdated IT assets into gold. Through asset remarketing, we curtail e-waste and curb your carbon footprint. The recuperated value can then be reinvested in your IT budget, enabling you to upgrade or invest in cutting-edge technology without shattering the bank. 

We take the disposal of your equipment seriously. Your sensitive data undergoes a secure wipe before the devices discover new homes. Our Value Recovery and Remarketing streamline IT management while enriching your business and the environment.

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SMK+ ITAD Apparatuses

  • Workplace Assets: Desktop systems, laptops, peripheral devices, and integral components.

  • Mobile Devices: Cellular phones, tablet devices, accompanying accessories, and their constituent parts.

  • Data Center Infrastructure: Server systems, data storage units, networking devices, related parts, and peripherals.

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Customized Value Retention Strategies

Within the framework of SMK+, we recognize each organization's unique needs for maximizing the worth of their IT assets. This understanding propels us to craft strategies that strike an ideal equilibrium between worth and speed. Our expansive network includes suitable hardware purchasers comprising:

  • International and Domestic Resellers

  • Value-Added Resellers

  • Third-Party Maintenance Service Providers

  • Online Retail Platforms

  • Direct Business-to-Business (B2B) Channels

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ServerMonkey is Our Parent Company

Choosing SMK+ ensures that your IT assets will be managed with an emphasis on recyclability and responsible disposal.

Our unwavering commitment to propelling sustainability will enhance your profit margins and lay the groundwork for a more eco-friendly future.

Realize the optimum capacity of your technological ventures with our stable strategies.

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It’s time to recycle after completing the Value Recovery and Remarketing stage.
Learn more about this in the next step of our ITAD Made Simple guide.