Priceline ITAD Solution Case Study

ITAD Made Simple

Step 2

ITAD Data Destruction

With SMK+ ITAD Data Destruction Services, SMK+ is your trusted partner in IT asset disposal and secure data deletion. Data destruction is the next step in the ITAD cycle, following the deactivation and auditing phase.

During data destruction, all confidential documents are decimated beyond the possibility of retrieval or misuse. We ensure you feel confident in your asset disposal process by delivering professional solutions tailored to your needs and budgets.

SMK+ ITAD Data Destruction:

SMK+ ITAD Data Destruction Services is your trusted partner in IT asset disposal and secure data deletion. Following the decommission and auditing of the IT assets, our Data Destruction phase ensures that all confidential data is wiped beyond the possibility of retrieval or misuse, whether the assets are deemed suitable for reuse or recycling.

At the end of this process we provide you with a certificate of destruction to document your company’s ITAD protocols are compliant with data sanitation standards. Our goal is to instill confidence in the disposal process by delivering secure and professional solutions tailored to your operational and data-security needs.

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Secure Data Destruction Service Encompassed

We offer two modalities for our data destruction services–onsite and offsite–to fit your enterprise business needs.

  • 1. Onsite Services: We can complete the data destruction phase onsite to avoid delays in transporting your devices offsite for data wiping and minimize operational downtime.

  • 2. Offsite Services: We can transport your devices to one of our global facilities for data destruction.

Regardless of which data destruction solution you choose, we rigorously adhere to industry standards, including NAID AAA certification and compliance with NIST 800-88 guidelines.

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Benefits of Data Destruction at SMK+

The SMK+ Data Destruction process follows NIST 800-88 guidelines on data sanitation to ensure any sensitive data is securely destroyed from your IT assets.

Our advanced data forensic tools and deletion techniques grant our clients peace of mind regarding data security and regulatory compliance.

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Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

If assets containing sensitive data must remain onsite, you can request our mobile hard drive shredding services.

This allows you to personally witness the secure and irrevocable destruction of your hard drives without ever leaving their location.

We also furnish a certificate of data destruction for each drive, guaranteeing the process's integrity.

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SMK+ Client Portal

Access every data destruction certificate through our secure online client portal.

We offer robust reporting and analytics tools that ensure complete transparency in your asset disposition process.

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Once the data destruction phase is complete and verification certificates are issued, SMK+ will begin the Value Recovery and Remarketing as the next step in our ITAD Made Simple guide.